Air Affair

The Swiss Freestyle Trampoline Happening

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UNIK Playground is launching a new event together with the World Freestyle Trampoline Association in Bern, Switzerland. Three days of thrilling action on the Freestyle Trampoline at the UNIK Playground Trampoline Park are awaiting Athletes and Spectators. Following a short summary of the event. We’ll update the website from time to time to give you the latest informations.

Friday, 28. April 2023

Get Together (16:00 – 21:00)

The big names and uprising stars in the trampoline sport gather to have a fun evening and train together on the freestyle trampoline at UNIK Playground. This evening is open to EVERYONE – even if you just want to meet and greet your favorite trampoline hero: Join us and spend a fun and relaxed evening at our trampoline park.

Saturday, 29. April 2023

T.R.A.M.P. Champs (14:00 – 17:00)

Kids under 16 years of age can join a Game of T.R.A.M.P. and win fun prices. Most importantly, they can qualify for the GTGamesEU- the one and only garden trampoline event at Area 47 in Austria, going down in July 2023!

FTA World Champs Qualifiers (18:00 – 21:00)

This is THE event of the Air Affair Happening. The best Swiss and foreign freestyle trampoline athletes fight for a spot at the official Freestyle Trampoline World Championships in August 2023, London! There will be only one winner and he/she will win an all expense paid trip to London to compete! AWESOOOOME! Those who place 2nd & 3rd will also be invited to compete in London, but travel costs will not be included.

Sunday, 30. April 2023

Swiss Freestyle Trampoline Championships (14:00 – 19:00)

Sadly most of the competitors will not be the ones travelling to London. BUT we have another chance for you to win awesome prices and of course FAME in being the very first Swiss National Freestyle Trampoline Champion!


Event powered by UNIK Playground

In cooperation with the Freestyle Trampoline Association


Equipped by Eurotramp Projects

Part of the UNIK Sports 10 years anniversary events




Robin Steiner

Juri Ifflander

Manuel Klarer


Greg Roe
FTA Representative & Speaker

Phil Bonadimann
Head of the Event

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Coming soon…