Air Affair

The Swiss Freestyle Trampoline Happening

It’s a wrap!

The Air Affair 2023 are over and we all had a blast!

The Air Affair event in Bern was an extravaganza that set our hearts aflutter! Over three action-packed days, we witnessed mind-blowing displays of freestyle trampoline mastery by 45 athletes hailing from six nations. With an electrifying crowd, the atmosphere crackled with raw energy and sheer excitement.

  • Juri Ifflaender, Niklas Distler, and Vinzenz Berchtold earned their well-deserved spots to represent the UNIK Playground at the Freestyle Trampoline World Championship in London. Their mind-bending skills will surely leave spectators in awe!
  • Robin Steiner and Melvin Chammartin soared to become the Swiss freestyle trampoline champions, unleashing a mesmerizing blend of power.
  • Among the women, Julia Zeller put on an explosive performance, claiming victory in the first-ever women’s freestyle trampoline competition.

We extend our gratitude to the exceptional athletes, dedicated sponsors, hardworking helpers, and the Freestyle Trampoline Association, led by Greg Roe and Trish McGeer, for their invaluable contributions to the success of Air Affair!

This epic journey of high-flying stunts and adrenaline-fueled moments will forever remain!

Tramp Champs


  1. Francesco Sicilia (ITA)
  2. Griffin van Essen
  3. Amon Scherwey


  1. Julia Zeller
  2. Nicole Steiner
  3. Celine Schwenter


  1. Sebastian Schweizer
  2. Michele Romano (AUT)
  3. Timo Lütolf

WC Qualifiers

  1. Juri Ifflaender
  2. Niklas Distler (AUT)
  3. Vinzenz Berchtold
  4. Dominik Bürge
  5. Renaud Letourneur (FRA)
  6. William Brand (FRA)
  7. Timon Hensch
  8. Luan Stauffer
  9. Manuel Klarer
  10. Lars Hochuli
  11. Levin Simon
  12. Michele Angelini (ITA)
  13. Timo Willi
  14. David Macenko (GER)
  15. Manuel Lutz
  16. Walter De Mercurio (ITA)

Swiss Champs


  1. Melvin Chammartin
  2. Sebastian Schweizer
  3. Moritz Haller


  1. Robin Steiner
  2. Juri Ifflaender
  3. Vinzenz Berchtold


Marc Stauffer

Nicole Steiner

Moritz Thönen

Jan Wohlgemuth

Julia Zeller

Greg Roe
FTA Representative & Speaker

Timo Matti

Fabi Abler
Competition Coordinatior


Event powered by UNIK Playground

In cooperation with the Freestyle Trampoline Association


Eurotramp Projects
Equipment Partner

Mobiliar Generalagentur Bern-Stadt
Insurance Partner

Harry’s Home
Accomodation Partner

Bevarage Partner


Global Premium Partner

Part of the UNIK Sports 10 years anniversary events